Baltic Industrial Symbiosis project is well underway

af | maj 22, 2019

Kalundborg, Denmark, May 22, 2019 today, Symbiosis Center Denmark has hosted a webinar where the BIS project partners were going through a screening tool for the mapping of secondary resource streams in enterprises. The tool was developed by Symbiosis Center Denmark, as a first step within Work Package 2 (WP 2). At this stage the partners are responsible for screenings of 7-10 local enterprises in their respective regions, in order to identify both their technical development potential and motivation and readiness to enter into a symbiosis partnership.

The project partners are coming from five countries: Symbiosis Center Denmark, Kalundborg Symbiosis, Næstved Ressource City and Roskilde University in Denmark, Digipolis in Finland, The Paper Province economic association, The Swedish Agency for Economic Regional Growth and Linköping University in Sweden, Trøndelag County Council in Norway, and Gdansk University of Technology in Poland.

The webinar was also attended by a partner from Russia, who is in the process of joining the project.

The Baltic Industrial Symbiosis project aims to promote Industrial Symbiosis, as a concept for sustainable regional development, across the Baltic Sea region. Through practice–based cooperation, the project will build the knowledge base for the current and next generation of Industrial Symbiosis practitioners. It will establish peer-to-peer exchange programs, whereby practitioners from one symbiosis will work in a neighboring symbiosis. Both visitor and host will benefit from experience exchange and mutual learning.

Symbiosis Center Denmark has for many years developed a process that ensures solid and attractive symbiosis partnerships through its experience and competences. Symbiosis Center Denmark involves external partners in the process on an ongoing basis, and facilitates it from beginning to end.