Article: Mega-cities will save the globe

by | Jan 23, 2018

'Mega-cities will save the planet throug extreme recycling' - This is the headline for the latest article in Illustreret Videnskab (a Danish science magazine) published yesterday.

Algae-powered buldings and skyscrapers built from waste are some of the solutions in this article, where the author take a glimpse into the future. An overview of what technology can do to transform the increasingly polluting cities in the world into green recycling oases.

The Kalundborg Symbiosis is mentioned on the last page of the article as an example of how industrial by-products can be recycled and re-used.

The article offers every kind of solution; from transformation of urine into electricity and water to waste sorting on street level and buildings made of paper and plastic bottles - it is definitely worth a look.

Read the full article in Danish here.