Finishing conference for project Residue to Ressource

by | May 4, 2018

On the 3rd of May, 2018, Symbiosis Center Denmark held a conference for the finishing of the project Residual to Resource, supported by the European Regional Development Fund. The conference was held at the Symbiosis Center's location in Kalundborg, where around 40 employees and leaders from municipalities, regions and business centers participated to learn more about the results that the project has accomplished, as well as the knowledge and experience that has been achieved throughout the project.

Some of the key points in the results are the potentials we uncovered in the more than 100 companies that participated in the project, as well as the technical knowledge that was passed to the companies in the more than 50 technical development plans, which uncovered potential savings, both in terms of the environment, but also for the company's economic bottom line. Moreover, 40 of the companies that received consultant aid for a technical development plan also received a green business model which delved deeper into what the proposed actions could do for their value propositions and how it could improve their competitiveness.

Apart from the above mentioned results, some more immaterial results were achieved in terms of knowledge and experience acquired during the project. This, among other key points, entails how working with SMEs in this constellation has been, for example why it is crucial that the time and money spent for the companies are as low as possible, since SMEs are very focused on deliveries and usually do not have the time or resources for lifting these assignments themselves. Another important experience is how important network and communication are, both for the companies to connect across business areas to obtain useful knowledge and perhaps even discover symbiosis potentials, as well as for the municipalities to communicate across work areas and municipality borders to best help their through new knowledge.

The conference featured presentations from the participating municipalities, interviews with participating companies about the positive results and from other actors, like CAPNOVA and the Region of Zealand who talked about what to do in the future, so the knowledge acquired in the project can be utilized.

There will be more information about the results of the project as well as case descriptions shortly.

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