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Baltic Industrial Symbiosis

We are back in our office in Kalundborg after three days in St Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city, where we participated in XVIII ANNUAL STRATEGIC PLANNING LEADERS FORUM OF THE REGIONS AND CITIES OF RUSSIA.

We had a very inspiring couple of days...

New article about our Russian partners in project BIS

“Russian partners will add a broader perspective and input, e.g. by engaging Russian enterprises in project activities, organizing knowledge exchange and creating an industrial symbiosis Living Lab in Russia, providing a platform for testing actual and practical implementation of Industrial Symbiosis in an area with limited experience with the model”...

Succesful first Peer-to-Peer event in project BIS

Last week, Symbiosis Center Denmark, Kalundborg Symbiosis and Ressource City in Næstved hosted the first peer-to-peer event under our Interreg Baltic Sea Region project Baltic Industrial Symbiosis (BIS). The purpose of the event was to establish peer-to-peer exchange..