Cleantech TIPP will promote the development of innovative solutions by increasing the match between intelligent public demand and the market’s offering of solutions. In this project, Dansk SymbioseCenter is working to facilitate the cases where a municipality wishes to support industrial symbiosis in their local area.

The project will challenge municipalities to use the procurement process and public and private partnerships as a strategic tool that can support a municipality’s overall development strategy. The project will stimulate innovation processes, and specifically strengthen procurement that matches the municipalities’ visions of new green solutions, while enhancing the opportunities for companies to develop and market new green solutions.

In this way, Cleantech TIPP 3 connects municipal agendas:

  1. Green conversion (climate and resource objectives in municipalities): There is a great need to create new innovative green solutions in a number of complex areas where municipalities can not lift the task on their own.
  2. Intelligent public demand: The complex areas are municipalities in order to find solutions for and eventually purchase for. They are very near by, and very time-consuming for private actors to follow and participate in.
  3. Business promotion (demand driven innovation): There is a need to provide support to companies that ultimately will ensure the new green solutions in the market.

Innovation by tender is by definition uncertain, but we work to bring down uncertainties through structure, documentation and knowledge of legal pitfalls.

In the project, we focus on identifying driving forces and barriers to enable municipalities to conduct dialogue and cooperation with the market before a tender. It will ensure the emergence of new solutions.

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Project manager
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Gate 21, Copenhagen Municipality, Frederiksberg Municipality, Høje-Taastrup Municipality, Allerød Municipality, Albertslund Municipality, Malmö stad, Helsingborg stad, Öresundskraft, NSR AB, BOFA, Sysav Utveckling, Sustainable Business Hub, SymbiosisCenter Denmark, Hållbar Utveckling Skåne, Länsstyrelsen Skåne, DTU (Climate Kic Nordic), Aalborg University, Lund University, Processio og Concito.


Cleantech TIPP has a totalt budget of 4,1 million euro. 50 % of the budget is financed through EU’s border regional Interreg program; Øresund-Kattegat-Skagerrak (Interreg ØKS).


March 2016 to Febuary 2019



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