SymbiosisCenter Denmark is working to establish a company database that contains information about resource streams that can potentially be matched for the creation of new symbioses. The database will be an important tool in SymbiosisCenter Denmark’s future work to increase Danish companies’ competitiveness, optimize the use of raw materials and optimize energy consumption in Danish companies.

Through several projects, SymbiosisCenter Denmark has acquired a large corporate network and has gained a great deal of knowledge about what resources companies want to reduce and / or allocate. This knowledge is now structured in a database for future projects, to enhance the possibilities for symbiosis matching and to ensure the knowledge gained through both previous projects and future projects. When the database is started, by mid 2017, it will already contain information about over 300 companies’ resource streams.

The database will provide the overview and search possibilities needed to match companies in collaborative configurations for mutual economic benefit, and not least for the benefit of the environment and Danish competitiveness in the global market.

Since the database will contain business-sensitive information, it is important to emphasize that all this information is treated extremely confidentially. This confidentiality is important and it is the basis for further work on the database. Company information from the database is not disclosed without prior specific agreement with the company(ies) to which the information relates. Here, SymbiosisCenter Denmark has an important role to ensure that these confidential informations are used correctly and efficiently to uncover and match the companies that have participated in both previous projects and future projects.



Senior project manager
Mobil: +45 24 59 49 48



SymbiosisCenter Denmark has, after tender of the technical part of the project, begun working with Ignite Studio.


1st November 2016 to 1st July 2017



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