David Marhauer-Nimb

Project Manager

Mobile +45 20 21 40 92

David is a project manager at the Symbiosis Center, where he, in multiple projects, work with circular economy, particularly within water and energy, industrial symbioses, low temperature and “cold” district heating, as well as green transition and corporate social responsibility.

David comes from an engineering background within sustainable energy, but also has experience within databases and IT. This has been beneficial in the development of our symbiosis database, which essentially creates an overview of the participating companies resource demands and waste/residual products with the purpose of identifying symbiosis potentials.

David has a passion for communication and for spreading the good message. He is therefore in charge of much of our external communication, among which updating ours and Kalundborg Symbiosis social media outlets, receiving delegations on behalf of Kalundborg Symbiosis, as well as external presentations and interviews, both nationally and internationally.

In the work with symbioses and green transition, David’s passion is that the beneficial work that we do, as well as the stories and experience that follow it, is communicated and disseminated to as many people as possible, so others can benefit from the work that we do.


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