Are you a small production or service company? Do you have residues, by-products or a large consumption of materials, water or energy? Then you have the opportunity to receive advice and participate in our project “Residue to Resource”.

As a company, you can obtain:

  • Free participation, help and instruction, as well as up to DKK 60,000 for external consultancy
  • Reduced operating costs and increased competitiveness
  • Lower resource consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Improved branding and access to new markets, customer segments and suppliers
  • A network with other companies in the project
  • Discussions with experts in municipalities, DTU (Technical University of Denmark) and Symbiosis Center Denmark

The offer applies to companies in the municipalities of Holbæk, Slagelse, Odsherred, Køge, Kalundborg and Guldborgsund, which are all partners with The Technical University of Denmark in “Residue to Resource – Green business models for SMEs”. Symbiosis Center Denmark is responsible for the project, which is a regional project funded by the EU. A technical development plan for resource optimisation is drawn up for selected companies, along with a business case for restructuring to a greener business model.

If your company is not an SME or is not located in one of the partner municipalities, your company can participate by becoming a part of the partner municipalities’ industrial symbioses and thereby obtain resource savings.

Residue to Resource in three phases:

Phase 1: Screening of qualified companies. Here we screen 100 companies to ensure that we can find 50 that have both the motivation and the potential for energy or resource savings. Your company receives a screening report, and we evaluate whether your company can continue in the project.

Phase 2: Companies get a technical development plan. If your company is among the 50 selected, we offer your company a technical development plan, and you can choose the consultant who you want to draw up the plan — at no cost to you. The consultant examines whether it is possible to optimise your company’s resource consumption and use the residues from the activities of your company.

Phase 3: Green business model and symbiosis. If your company has development potential, you can be one of the 30 companies to which we offer a green business model. You can choose the consultant who is to draw up a green business model tailored to your company — at no cost to you. In addition, 10 companies are offered a green business model for symbiosis collaboration with other companies.



Senior Project Manager
Telefon: +45 24 59 49 48



Symbiosis Center Denmark is lead partner. In addition, the project partners are the Technical University of Denmark and the following municipalities: Holbæk, Kalundborg, Slagelse, Odsherred, Køge and Guldborgsund. Participating companies act as partners receiving support.


EU-regionalfond – DKK 5,8 mio.
Symbiosis Center Denmark, independent financing – DKK 2,6 mio.
Kalundborg, Slagelse, Køge,
Odsherred, Guldborgsund
and Holbæk municipalities in total – DKK 2,9 mio.
DTU, independent financing – DKK 0,3 mio. 


July 2015 to June 2018.



April 4 2017 – Yet another round of companies have been selected
“Residue to Resource” now has completed the Fourth and last round of screenings of small and medium size companies in the Region of Zealand. As such, the project has nearly selected all the companies to offer consultancy and to evaluate and optimize their energy, water, and material resource use.

Several companies will be announced gradually, but here are the first ones from round Four:

  • Den Gamle Gård
  • Bjergsted Slagteren
  • Gangergaarden’s Maskinstation A/S
  • GSC Anlæg A/S
  • Brdr. H. & S. Jensen Skælskør ApS
  • Dalmose Brugsforening AMBA
  • Tom`s Bageri v/Tom Læby Madsen
  • Egons A/S
  • Tønner og Guldager Vibrationsteknisk ApS
  • Scansteel Production A/S

December 19 2016 – Residue to Resource sets a new record
As of now, we have completed the screening of companies in round Three. Among only 25, 15 of them have a sufficient potential to be selected for proceeding in the “Residue to Resource” project. This corresponds to 60% and makes up a new record. Each of the 15 companies will further be choosing an external consultant to prepare a technical developmental plan and a subsequent green business model – entirely free of charge for the company. On the contrary, each one will have identified how to strengthen the competitiveness and to lower production costs by optimizing the resource use and perhaps enter an industrial symbiosis. Here are the 15 selected companies from within the six partner municipalities (Køge, Guldborgsund, Slagelse, Kalundborg, Odsherred og Holbæk):

  • Steens Bageri
  • Hotel Liselund
  • Nr. Asmindrup Slagtehus
  • Dansk Tang
  • SuRI
  • OMK Knabstrup ApS
  • Kvickly v. Kalundborg Brugsforening
  • Bio Vækst
  • Comwell Køge Strand
  • Centralrøgeriet
  • PK Chemicals
  • Dan Kød Engros Slagelse ApS
  • Brian Madsen A/S
  • Nytorvs Konditori ApS
  • KE Supply A/S

August 18 2016 – This time, even more companies go through

“Residue to Resource” has screened a new group of companies in the six partner municipalities, and out of these 30 as many as 16 have been selected to go through and will now be offered a technical action plan. This will show the way to realising resource savings and the opportunities for entering into a symbiosis collaboration with other companies.

Through ”Residue to Resource” the companies will be able to increase competitiveness and benefit the environment. These are some of the companies:

  • Top Rens Vask ApS
  • Melitek A/S
  • Galaxe A/S
  • Strandmøllen A/S
  • Gammelrand Beton A/S
  • Scandinavian Packaging
  • KISO A/S
  • Herfølge Kleinsmedie A/S
  • Dragsholm Castle A/S
  • RM Fintech ApS
  • FC Plast A/S
  • BBC Better Bed Comfort A/S/S

March 10 2016 – First round of companies goes through in Residue to Resource

The “Residue to Resource” project has now screened the first round of 26 companies and chosen which ones are to go through. The partners in the project are Symbiosis Center Denmark, The Technical University of Denmark and 6 partner municipalities, which together have developed a screening tool that makes it possible to evaluate companies’ potential, readiness and motivation to enter into a project and the project network. The companies in ”Residue to Resource” are to strengthen their competitiveness through internal resource optimisation, industrial symbiosis and/or green business development.

After the screening, data analysis is carried out, along with a prioritisation of which companies are to go through and be offered a Technical Development Plan. This plan maps out the concrete technical opportunities for the potential for resource optimisation and symbiosis creation. 14 companies have been selected to participate in this process. These are 10 of the companies:

Her er 10 af virksomhederne:

  • Nøhrs Maskinfabrik
  • Dan Tools A/S
  • Ditlev-Burke Industrial Tools A/S
  • Sjællands Pelsdyrfoder a.m.b.a.
  • Schoeller-Plast-Enterprise A/S
  • Super Frost Sjælland A/S
  • Klb. Cleaning Station A/S
  • Midtgaard A/S
  • Allo 2009
  • Valsemøllen A/S


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