SCALing European Resources with industrial symbiosis


SCALER aims to increase the uptake of industrial symbiosis across Europe. Under the European Union’s Horizon2020 initiative, the project will develop a set of best practices, tools and guidelines, helping businesses and industrial sites work together to ensure sustainable resource use. Symbiosis Center Denmark will work as a member of the advisory board for the SCALER project. We will advise the scientific and project coordinators on issues relating to the progression of project activities, support communications and dissemination activities as well as strategies of the project.

The project’s vision is to successfully scale up the delivery of value embedded in European physical resources (materials, water and energy) through efficient and quick implementation of industrial symbiosis across the whole European territory. By implementing industrial symbiosis, European industrial companies will become more resource efficient and therefore more competitive. Territories will be revitalized with industrial links. Communities will be involved in the transformation of the European industrial system.

The project will help businesses and industrial sites work together to ensure sustainable resource use, fostering a positive impact on the economy, society and environment. For more information about the project, please visit the project website here.

The project’s online platform will provide:

  • Guides and tools on industrial symbiosis (technology, business and policy)
  • Best practices and recommendations to help businesses and industrial sites
  • Latest research and data on economic, environmental and social benefits of industrial symbiosis
  • Access to networking events across Europe
  • A bookshelf of publications and reports from a range of experts in the sector

Over the next two and a half years, SCALER aims to assess 1000 potential industrial synergies, support 30 regions in transitioning to industrial symbiosis practices and reach 500 industrial sites.

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  • ISQ: (PL)
  • Climate KIC (NL)
  • Quantis (CH)
  • Strane innovation(FR)


  • Dansk symbioseCenter (DK)
  • The AdP – Águas de Portugal group (PT)
  • The Knowledge Transfer Network (UK)
  • EPEA Netherlands (NL)
  • ESTEP (EU)
  • Tenova (EU)
  • ENEA (IT)
  • VITO (BE)


1 mio. EUR


November 2017 to May 2020