Thomas Nielsen

Senior Project Manager

Mobile: +45 24 59 49 48

Thomas Nielsen is both our project manager and our man out in the field at the companies. He makes things happen at both places, and he is able to draw on his great experience of company screenings, resource optimisation and the establishment of new symbioses. In Green Industry Symbiosis, he was part of the project’s task force and carried out a resource check on more than 150 companies. Thomas has a great amount of knowledge about which resources are available and which are in demand nationally. This is why he has a central role in the Residue to Resource project. Thomas has worked both as an engineer and an electrician.

He has a lot of technical insight, not least in production companies. He has experience of involving companies, citizens and employees, and he previously worked with energy optimisation, smart grids, smart cities and as a project manager on the municipal ESCO project. In his work with symbioses, Thomas is particularly engaged in how companies’ competitiveness can be increased and at the same time the environmental impact minimised. The placing and establishing of new companies in relation to resource availability is also one of his core areas.


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