Symbioses and sustainable water consumption

by | Aug 22, 2017

In the American documentary "The Ripple Effect", the main focus is the water consumtion of the future, our whole water eco system and solutions on how best to exploit the enormous amounts of waste water discharged all over the world

About 9:20 in the documentary below, the Kalundborg Symbiosis is brought forth as an innovative and sustainable solution to this specific problem. Our previous and current head of department, Mette Skovbjerg and Per Møller is interviewed and present how the Kalundborg Symbiosis uses innovative ways to limit the consumption of groundwater and how to utilize the water resources better and more sustainable, as well as the thoughts behind the Kalundborg Symbiosis.


Watch the documentary below:

RIPPLE EFFECT: The Future of Water from Newsy Brand Studio on Vimeo.