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Every year Symbiosis Center Denmark receives around 1000 guests including foreign and Danish delegations. Our visitors are high level delegations and organizations who seek inspiration or cooperation. We also get visited by a lot of researchers, students and high schools. Please book a visit if you and your organization want to learn more on industrial symbioses. Our presentations are on industrial symbiosis in general. But we also focus on one of the subjects below so please pick the most relevant for you.

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Please note that all bookings from this page are handled by the One-Point Entry run by Greater Copenhagen and that you also will be contacted by Greater Copenhagen if they have any visit programs or services of relevance for you. If you prefer contact from Symbiosis Center Denmark only then type 0 (zero days) at expected duration.

We usually respond to inquiries within two working days.

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Industrial symbioses - Material Solutions
Materials Solutions

In a material symbiosis, the residue of one enterprise is used as raw material in another. This reduces costs on both waste management and procurement of raw materials – and minimizes the use of virgin resources.

Industrial symbioses - Water Solutions
Water Solutions

In a water symbiosis, enterprises can reuse or recycle each other’s water resources and utilize secondary water source in close collaboration and hereby achieve significant savings on water consumption and operating costs while at the same time reducing the environmental impact.

Industrial symbioses - Energy Solutions
Energy Solutions

Enterprises generate significant amounts of energy in production, which can be advantageously utilized by other enterprises instead of going to waste. In an energy symbiosis, enterprises can utilize each other’s excess energy, which save energy consumption and reduce CO2 emissions. Excess energy flows can be utilized for various purposes, such as steam for the process industry, heating and hot water.

Industrial symbioses - Public-private partnerships
Public-private partnership Solutions

The Danish waste competencies are characterized by the special relationship between public and private actors in the waste sector, which has been developed over the last four decades. “The Danish Waste Model” has ensured that the municipalities in Greater Copenhagen have gained an in-depth knowledge of the quantities and different types of waste streams.

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