Baltic Industrial Symbiosis

We are back in our office in Kalundborg after three days in St Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city, where we participated in XVIII ANNUAL STRATEGIC PLANNING LEADERS FORUM OF THE REGIONS AND CITIES OF RUSSIA.

We had a very inspiring couple of days...

New article about our Russian partners in project BIS

“Russian partners will add a broader perspective and input, e.g. by engaging Russian enterprises in project activities, organizing knowledge exchange and creating an industrial symbiosis Living Lab in Russia, providing a platform for testing actual and practical implementation of Industrial Symbiosis in an area with limited experience with the model”...

Succesful first Peer-to-Peer event in project BIS

Last week, Symbiosis Center Denmark, Kalundborg Symbiosis and Ressource City in Næstved hosted the first peer-to-peer event under our Interreg Baltic Sea Region project Baltic Industrial Symbiosis (BIS). The purpose of the event was to establish peer-to-peer exchange..

General Assembly Meeting for Project Ô

The past two days (June 17th and 18th) we have attended the annual General Assembly Meeting for Project Ô at Turin University, Italy.

It has been most interesting hearing the partners talking about their progress and activities in the work packages as well as the initiatives from all the demo sites.

Topics of the days have included...