Online partner meetings and webinars in project BIS

af | apr 30, 2020

Kalundborg, Denmark, April 2, 2020, despite the COVID 19 – situation, Symbiosis Center Denmark hosted a virtual meeting where the BIS project partners were encouraged to help each other to be innovative, find new solutions and new ways to communicate and work with BIS-activities.
Susanne Boesen, the BIS project manager at Symbiosis Center Denmark, started the meeting with the current situation in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic focusing on the challenges which have to be solved by the BIS project community.

During the meeting the overall structure and activities within the Work Packages (WP) 2, 3 and 4 were discussed.
Per Møller, the head of Symbiosis Center Denmark, presented a template for “Regional Summary Screening Report” intended for summarizing the screening activities, results and learnings in WP2. Moreover, he explained how local and transnational matchmaking events can be conducted.
Murat Mirata, the BIS partner from Linköping University, provided an update in WP3 on the progress on the Executive Training Programme, and a review of the structure and content of the main modules of the ETP. And, furthermore, he shared his thoughts about “distance delivery” of the training and issues to consider.

Per Erik Sørås, the BIS partner from Trøndelag County Council, in his turn, provided an update on the progress in WP4 regarding Policies for Industrial Symbiosis Development and the summary report from the BSR Symbiosis Council Meeting in Norway.

Moreover, within the meeting the current project communication was evaluated, and the partners were invited to participate in a collaborative communication project, initiated by SC Mineral, to publish a special edition of “Environment of St. Petersburg” magazine with focus on industrial symbiosis development and circular economy in the Baltic Sea region.

We want to thank all BIS partners for a productive meeting, and looking forward to meeting you virtually at the end of April.

We will make it happen together separately!