SMEs benefitting from Industrial Symbiosis

af | jun 10, 2020

The report “SMEs in the industrial sector and the opportunities and challenges for industrial symbiosis in the Baltic Sea Region” was on the agenda at the 2nd meeting in the BSR Industrial Council as an online event on Wednesday the 27th of May.

More than 30 representatives from the private as well as the public sector, Universities, Clusters and organisations working with symbiosis and circular economy had the opportunity to discuss the report, and present their suggestions in plenum on how to support networking, project development, increase public procurement, and pave the way, so that more SMEs can become resource efficient and gain benefits through industrial symbiosis.

Read the full article here.

The report about SMEs and Industrial Symbiosis, that was presented at the Council Meeting, was commissioned by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth – partner in the BIS project, and prepared by a team of experts from Policy in Practice, Cajalma and IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute.

To get the overall picture and see all the report’s recommendations, please read the full report here.